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Chemilizer™ HN55 Adjustable Ratio Medicator/Injector - AV3

, CH9000-AV3
QC Supply Part #: 120177-AV3
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Newly designed, this adjustable ratio pump injector is simple to adjust to the ratio you need.


Chemilizer™, an industry-leading injector, just became more flexible. The newly designed CH9000-AV3 Adjustable Ratio Pump uses some of the latest materials technology and allows the end user multiple ratio settings the original Chemilizer™ never offered. The Adjustable Ratio Pump will also retrofit to any existing HN55 injector, allowing for one simple replacement to upgrade to the most advanced injector Chemilizer™ offers.

Now, whether you are injecting medications, nutrients, acids, hydrogen peroxides or fertilizers, the Adjustable Chemilizer™ gives you the flexibility to do it all.

Selection is typically determined by the chemicals to be injected. Chemilizer™ HN55 Injectors with adjustable pump are also available. For help choosing the right injector to meet your needs, give one of our experts a call today at 800-433-6340.


  • Simple 1/4 turn installation
  • Easy adjustment, just turn the settings ring
  • Replacement pump will retro fit to any HN55
  • Ultra-durable Kynar Sleeve (#120879)
  • Adjustable range from 20:1 to 500:1
Part #Model #Injection RatioInjection RangeSystem Water FlowOperating PressureInlet/OutletWeight
120177-AV1 HN55 20:1-64:1 5%-1.6% 1 GPH-780 GPH 3-85 PSI 3/4" MGHT 6.75 lbs
120177-AV2 HN55 50:1-164:1 2%-0.6% 1 GPH-780 GPH 3-85 PSI 3/4" MGHT 6.75 lbs
120177-AV3 HN55 150:1-500:1 0.7%-0.2% 1 GPH-780 GPH 3-85 PSI 3/4" MGHT 6.75 lbs
Brand Chemilizer
Manufacturer Part Number CH9000-AV3



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