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Carhartt® Duck Nail Apron

, A09
QC Supply Part #: 78569
Shipping: Standard

With rivet-reinforced pockets, this nail apron will keep up with your long day of work.

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Keep nails and tools within reach with this durable Carhartt® Duck Nail Apron.


  • 12-ounce, firm-hand cotton duck
  • Four large pockets, one pencil pocket, one small pocket and two tool loops
  • Rivet-reinforced pockets
  • Adjustable length nylon belt with quick-release buckle
Brand Carhartt
Manufacturer Part Number A09

Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    Handy for handyman

    Review by on Jan 1, 2016

    Excellent quality but design not well thought out. Pencil pocket in centre not practical, maybe even dangerous when bending over. Using wife's heavy duty sewing machine I modified - cutting open the right side of pencil pocket and re-stitching to far right side.
    Ample pockets keep tools and hardware handy and so much lighter than leather carpenter aprons.

  • 5 Stars

    excellent electrician parts pouch

    Review by on Jun 22, 2015

    I have been hunting for this apron all over the retail market, to no avail, and finally found it on a couple of websites. After ordering, I was jockeyed around by the web merchants saying that the manufacturer did not have any available until a certain date. So I tried another website at QC Supply, and went through the same waiting game. However, the folks at QC Supply were always on top of the status of the order, stating that the manufacturer wouldn't have any available until 6 to 8 weeks later. I finally cancelled the order, frustrated as hell that the manufacturer of such a fine product wouldn't have more available. Much to my surprise, one day last week, this apron/pouch arrives at my door! I never authorized the order, so I was a bit ticked off for their presuming to charge my card for the order without my authorization, but at the same time, excited that this product that I had practically combed the world for, landed in my hands. So, a bittersweet story; but if you're an electrician or carpenter and want a rugged, durable, 4 pouch apron for your nails, fittings, wirenuts, and the like, this apron can't be beat. You can actually fit your hand in it and see the parts you're trying to grab, at the same time. Klein, Husky, and other brands have too small of pouches; and it frustrates the hell out of you when you are looking for a small screw, and can't see it because your hand obscures your vision in the pouch. Leave it to a jacket manufacturer to figure out how to make a nail/parts apron! Outstanding product for pros!!!

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