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Buck Grub® Total™ Deer Attractant - 5 lbs.

, 40507
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More minerals and vitamins than the original Buck Grub.

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Buck Grub® Total™ is a complete supplement with more minerals and vitamins then the original Buck Grub® (#510143). This palatable supplement offers high levels of fat for energy, along with a total balance of minerals and vitamins that deer require to thrive. Total supplements the normal diet of deer and increases the overall health of the herd, while accelerating antler development in bucks.

Contents: 5 lb. Bag

Supplement: Buck Grub® Total™ should be added to your normal feed to both increase consumption and meet the total need of your deer. While "The Original" Buck Grub® is naturally high in fat, calcium and phosphorus, Buck Grub® Total™ also delivers the other important macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins to ensure that your feeding is complete. Total is a complete health supplement for the entire herd, does, fawns and bucks.

  • Spring: Fawn and doe health, milk production, mineral source
  • Summer: Rack development, milk production, overall health
  • Fall: Mineral replenishment, weight gain, digestive aid
  • Winter: Energy source, minerals for does in estrous, stressed animals

Attractant: Buck Grub® Total™ is also an excellent attractant that will hold deer on your property. Deer naturally seek nutritional sources, and once found, will come back to a consistent supplement source. The aroma will attract them in, the nutrients will bring them back.

Feeding Instructions:

  • Ground Feeding: Total™ can be ground fed by applying directly to the ground in 1" deep strips.
  • Trough Feeding: Simply place Total™ in the trough with your normal feed. To increase the consumption of your normal feed, mix or top dress your feed in the trough.
  • Automatic Feeders: Total™ can be combined with corn or your regular feeds. Simply pour on top of the mixture. During feeder activation, the product will blend itself in and your other feed will absorb the aroma, increasing the attractant and nutritional value of your feed.
Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 40507

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