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Buck Grub® Acorn QUICK® Attractant - 4 lbs.

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A natural deer attractant that works quickly.

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Acorns and toasted bran release a nutty aroma that deer get to quick. Buck Grub® Acorn QUICK® is a natural attractant and a great source of energy deer need and are seeking. Pour it out or mix it in over feed. Deer quickly devour the pile.

In addition to fat, QUICK is packed with protein and minerals required to build and maintain a robust herd of deer. By itself, it offers deer of all ages tremendous nutritional supplementation. Coupled with a normal diet of browse, forage, mast and seeds, it promotes herd health and accelerates antler development in bucks of all ages.

Contents: 4 lb. Bag

How To:

  • Attract: Deer seek it out through their sense of smell. We all are looking for the edge and QUICK is your answer. Deer love the taste. It will also aid in the consumption of your complete feeds and minerals. It will normally be consumed within 24 hours. If your attractant becomes wet, it will crust over but can still be consumed. If it becomes saturated, reapply a few feet from the original location. You will be amazed at how well QUICK attracts hungry deer!
  • Supplement: Buck Grub® Acorn QUICK® can be utilized to assist even the best feeding programs. Just add it to your feed to increase the consumption. This naturally high fat supplement is loaded with calcium and phosphorus; three ingredients necessary in quality deer nutrition. Fat is also essential for lactation purposes, aiding your does and providing the best possible nutrition for fawns. The perfect tool for post-rut repair as well as pre-rut weight gain.
  • Feed:
    • Ground Feeding: Buck Grub® QUICK® can be ground fed by applying directly to the ground in 1" deep strips
    • Trough Feeding: Simply place it in the trough with your normal feed. To increase the consumption of your normal feed, mix or top dress your feed in the trough
    • Automatic Feeders: Combine with corn or your regular feeds. Simply pour on top of the mixture. During feeder activation, the product will blend itself in and your other feed will absorb the aroma, increasing the attractant and nutritional value of your feed.
Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 40408

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