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The Buck Bomb™ Detonator

The Buck Bomb , MM-DT-BB-01
QC Supply Part #: 511068
Shipping: Standard
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Spray with your favorite Buck Bomb scent and hang from a branch or low lying foliage to draw deer to your stand or blind.


The Buck Bomb™ Detonator is a 12" long, 1" wide scent wick that rolls up inside a rugged canister. The canister features No-Leak O-Ring Seals to prevent leakage of your favorite scent. The fuse comes with a small container of Igniter (#511067) - 100% Buck Bomb™ Doe in Estrus Whitetail Deer Urine collected from live does during the peak of their estrus cycle.

Perfect for use with other Buck Bomb™ products. Spray Buck Bomb™ directly onto the wick, or into the canister. The hanger cord allows you to hang it from a branch or low lying foliage. When the hunt is over, simply roll the wick inside the canister, saving it for your next hunt.

Brand The Buck Bomb
Manufacturer Part Number MM-DT-BB-01



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