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BONEHEAD 1™ Spring & Summer Mineral - 5 lbs.

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Combines BoneDmonium with the mineral ingredients of the Original Deer Cane mixture.

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Go big with BONEHEAD 1™ Spring & Summer Mineral Supplement. This formula combines the bone-assisting formula in Bone Science's BoneDmonium with the proprietary mineral ingredients of the legendary Original Deer Cane mix. This cutting-edge mineral mixture gives your deer have all the vital nutrition they need for massive rack development in bucks. It also aids fawns and pregnant or lactating does.

Deer consume different quantities of minerals during each season of the year. In spring, expect heavy consumption of minerals by bucks using the minerals to grow new racks and pregnant and lactating does. In summer, expect heavy use by bucks building racks and does feeding fawns. Mineral consumption by the herd also aids in many areas including digestion and regulation of body temperature.

Contents: 5 lb. Bag


  1. Find an area frequently used by wildlife off a deer trail or an existing mineral feeding site, preferably in a shaded area
  2. Rake up the ground and pour BONEHEAD 1™ over a two-square-foot area. BONEHEAD 1™ can also be poured into dead tree stumps or applied into a feed trough
  3. Once deer find it, they will continue to come back to get the nutrients they crave and will often dig a hole in the ground, so reapply as necessary (at a minimum of every 3-4 weeks)
  4. Feed a minimum of one bag of BONEHEAD 1™ free choice every 15 acres with native forage and water available. BONEHEAD 1™ should be used year-round for optimum results

Why Deer Need:

    • Bone, teeth & antler formation
    • Nerve and muscle functions
    • Milk production
    • Bone, teeth & antler formation
    • A component of protein in soft tissue
    • Aids in milk production
    • Normal skeletal development, as a constituent of bone
    • Works in conjunction with calcium & phosphorus for proper bone development
    • Necessary for many enzyme systems in the body hydrate metabolism
    • Plays a major part in regulating body fluids and is important in making digestive juices
    • Associated with muscle contraction
Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 35201

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