Osborne Stanfield® heat pads are designed to promote healthy growth, reduce stress, and provide optimal temperatures for growing pigs. But they can also be used for other animals and livestock.

Recently, we received a review from a customer who mentioned they use these heat pads for reptiles. Yes, we said reptiles. They go on by saying the Stanfield Heat Pads comes in handy with the reptile market due to a dysfunction and the eggs won’t hatch. With the help from standfield heat pads, they are able to get the eggs to hatch and reproduce reptiles for their customers.

Features & Benefits (For Swine):

  • Keep piglets away from sow to reduce crush losses
  • Increase gain and weaning weights
  • Decrease energy costs
  • Resting surface remains constant and uniform, 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature
  • Safe and durable – wire pattern with composite plastic poured over and around the wire
  • Made with water-resistant and fire-retardant material
  • Smart-Fasteners make installation easy and secure

The heat pads are constructed of tough, water-resistant and flame-retardant composite plastic, making them superior to poly mats made by competitors. At full power, Stanfield heat mats provide a uniform surface temperature 30-35° F (16-20° C) above air temperature with virtually no “hot spots” like so many others.

To maintain the right surface temperature, Osborne offers a full line of controllers, from single-pad dial controllers to feature-loaded automatic ramping controllers for large systems of pads. Also, the all new indicator light provides visual confirmation that heat pads are providing the necessary heat for growing piglets, eliminating the need for physically inspecting individual pads or taking readings with infrared temperature wands. Osborne’s line of Stanfield heat pads, controls and accessories ensure healthy animal development and maximum energy savings.

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