Material carried in on shoes and boots is a major source of contamination in fire stations, medical labs and offices, veterinary clinics, food processing facilities and other areas where biohazard risks need to be controlled.


Using the SaniStride MatThe SaniStride™ Disinfectant Mat will get you two steps closer to reducing the spread of those germs. It’s designed to quickly and efficiently deliver quaternary ammonium disinfectant to the soles of shoes in just two strides across the mat.  A one minute “stamping” method can also be used for soaking when heavy contamination is suspected.


The mat is 99.99% effective at preventing the spread of MRSA through footwear-to-ground contact when used as directed.


The SaniStride™ mat has a number of advantages over other footwear bio-control methods. The mat insert is highly absorbent, holding nearly 2 gallons of sanitizer solution at a time, and can be used for up to a week before refilling.  Plus, the insert is easy to clean and can be replaced if it wears out.


Disinfectant penetrates deep into the treads of footwearThe quaternary ammonia solution can be purchased in concentrate and mixed when needed for easy recharging of the mat. Pressure from walking ensures that the solution penetrates deep into the tread of the footwear to completely sanitize it.


Stamp out MRSA and other biohazards in your workplace. Purchase our SaniStride™ Disinfectant Mat today.