Water is the nutrient that is required in the largest quantities of swine and poultry. Compared to the other nutrients supplied by feed, it is the most frequently misunderstood and mismanaged nutrient. Treating livestock drinking water and injecting stock solutions into the drinking water supply to maintain animal health including flocks and herds is an important aspect in the agricultural market.

Different Types of Injectors

Before you purchase your water system, here are a couple of items to ask yourself:

1. What is the pressure (PSI) and water flow (GPM) of your current system?

a. Depending on your flow rate, some systems work better when it comes to a low or high rate.

2. Do you know your water quality?

a. The minerals in your water can affect how the proportioned system works in your area.

3. What type of product (nutrient, medication, etc.) are you injecting into your water system?

4. What is your ratio of injecting?

a. The ratio of injecting will also help determine what injector would be best for what you are looking for.

5. Still can’t decide? No worries, QC Supply has years of knowledge and experienced associates on hand to properly guide you to the correct model. Give us a call at 800-433-6340.

If you are in the market to purchasing a new water system, or looking to replace your existing setup, here are a couple of options we offer at QC Supply to help with your everyday water needs.

Dosatron DM11F Injector

Chemilizer HN55 Injector

Stenner Injector Pump 45MHP2