Think of some tools you use all the time. The ones that you can’t imagine working without. The tools that seem perfectly suited for their tasks. As useful as they are now, we bet some of those tools, at one time, you didn’t even know you needed.

You got by all right, but once you found that tool—it was a game changer.

All of us could probably think of a few. Maybe it’s that sorting stick you use when separating livestock or that flexible hose when watering your garden. Sure, you could probably get the job done without it; it would just be a whole lot harder or maybe a lot less enjoyable though.

There are probably dozens of tools that come to mind, but we invite you to consider just one more. This tool is useful in a hundred different scenarios and for a hundred different reasons. It is a water pressure-operated sprayer. You may have heard it called a wash gun, or with a nozzle attachment, a foam gun. Whatever you choose to call it, it has applications for every homeowner or farm operator.

These guns or sprayers, when attached to a regular garden hose make washing your car 100x more fun, and washing out a livestock trailer 100x times faster. Okay, it probably is not THAT much faster, but you get the point. It will make your cleaning and sanitizing jobs easier, quicker, and maybe even fun.

Let’s explore this handy tool. We invite you to consider the sprayers manufactured by Gilmour®, a top-rated brand that manufacturers equipment right here in the USA.

How to Use a Water Pressure-Operated Sprayer

A water pressure-operated sprayer is definitely not a complicated system, but it can be incredibly effective for your cleaning and sanitizing needs.

First, pour the cleaner or sanitizer you intend to use into the reservoir. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the correct dilution. Consider if your sprayer is adjustable. Meaning, how many ounces of chemical will be used per gallon of water. Some sprayers will be adjustable to 1, 2, 4, 6, or 12 ounces per gallon and some will be a standard ratio like 2 ounces or ½ ounce per gallon.

Once the chemical is in the reservoir, secure the lid and attach a hose to the pistol grip sprayer. You may consider attachments like a foam wand for special jobs. This foam wand can be attached to the end of the nozzle. Once everything is in place, turn the water on and the sprayer is ready to operate.

What should I use my Gilmour® Water Pressure Sprayer for?

Is everything an appropriate answer to that question? But really, we think once you have a chance to use one of these sprayers you will hesitate before you clean without it. The Gilmour® Heavy Duty Sprayer has applications all over your home, farm, or business.

Here are a few examples of ways people are using it:

  • Washing cars or trucks (or tractors for that matter)
  • Sanitizing waste disposal equipment
  • Cleaning public restrooms or showers
  • Sanitizing meat cutting and processing equipment
  • Sanitizing food processing areas
  • Cleaning animal containment areas, like trailers or barns

We are sure once you start using this tool you will quickly find how useful it can be all over your home and operation.

Consider a Sprayer from Gilmour®

There is a reason that Gilmour® is a top rated brand. Their quality simply cannot be matched. Other, similar sprayers on the market are based on the original Gilmour® design but we believe it pays to purchase the original. Don’t take our word for it; try a sprayer out, the product speaks for itself.

Gilmour® Heavy Duty Sprayers are made in the USA with quality materials and solid construction. They come in a variety of sizes and options, with heavy-duty brass parts. The replacement pieces are easy to find and also manufactured by Gilmour®. The reservoir is a chemical resistant quart bottle with a built in anti-siphon system. This tool will accurately mix the cleaner or sanitizer with the water as you spray.

At QC Supply we carry the following sprayer options to meet your needs:

Purchasing a Sprayer

Check out our website for one of these sprayers and other Gilmour® products. Once you give a Gilmour® Heavy Duty Sprayer a try, we are sure they will quickly become one of those tools you didn’t know you needed and now cannot live without.

Do you have a favorite use of your water pressure-operated sprayer? Let us know in the comments!