On a livestock operation, your most valuable assets are kept in the barn. Those animals are the center of your business and the reason it operates. The welfare of those calves, cows, chickens, or swine should be at the utmost importance in a farmer’s mind. Their productivity, either good or bad, is reason your farm will prosper or fail.

Unpredictable weather and biosecurity threats have encouraged farmers to move many species indoors. This is for good reason. But still, livestock need aspects of the outdoor environment to thrive and reach ideal productivity.

This is where livestock curtains come into play. Installing livestock curtains on your barns can help you achieve an optimum balance. You can protect your livestock as assets and ensure their welfare as animals.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits to livestock curtains, the options available, and why we recommend the curtains from Southwestern Sales.

Benefits of Livestock Curtains

Every couple of years there is a major regional storm that wreaks havoc on the livestock industry. And every season farmers deal with all the normal problems that come with the weather—flooded corrals, subzero temperatures, or sweltering humidity. Livestock curtains can help with these problems. Their major benefit is the ability to protect your animals from the wind, sun, and cold. However, this is far from their only benefit.

Livestock curtains, when properly installed, can dramatically reduce energy costs. As opposed to some sort of hard siding, livestock curtains work with Mother Nature to insulate, ventilate, and light your barn. As easy as opening a section of curtain will usher in fresh air. There are also different colors and thickness to meet your specific needs. They can provide cost effective daytime lighting or a thicker, darker curtain can create darkness during daylight, providing the optimum photoperiod for your livestock.

While reducing energy use helps with input costs, creating a healthier environment will aid in productivity. The barn is built to protect them and the curtains will help them thrive. Regular exposure to fresh air will reduce respiratory illness, particularly in young stock. The natural ventilation will fight dust, mold, moisture, and airborne diseases.

As you consider these benefits and how they may apply to your farm, let’s look at some examples of the curtain systems available.

Type of Livestock Curtain Systems

Drop Down—This type of system is often used in lambing sheds, calf barns, poultry houses, and swine barns. Due to its design, it is perfect for young or sensitive animals. The curtains drop down from the ceiling and the outside air is mixed with the warmer air inside. This slowly ventilates the barn and does not result in an immediate and dramatic shift in the environment, which could be harmful to young animals.

Roll Up—This type of system is doing exactly what the drop down system is trying to avoid. It is designed to quickly get large amounts of fresh air into the barn. It is best for pack barns, free stall dairies, and greenhouses. The curtains roll up from the ground and provide a large influx of air to cool the temperature and freshen the air.

Fully Automated— Automation is an option in the roll up and the drop down curtains. It eliminates the need to hand roll curtains. You simply flip a switch. An additional feature is you can install a thermostatic control. With this option, the curtains will automatically open and shut based on predetermined temperature, eliminating guesswork and constant monitoring.

Choosing Southwestern Sales for Livestock Curtains

After you have analyzed the benefits of livestock curtains and decided which system works best, it’s time to decide on the curtains themselves. The material, quality, and breathability all need to be considered in your final decision. We often hear you get what you pay for. With that in mind, we invite you to consider the curtain options available from Southwestern Sales.

Here are a few examples of their products we carry here at QC Supply.

  • Seven Layer Insulated Livestock Curtain — This durable curtain is an outer shell of vinyl and polyethylene, with several inner layers of insulation. The inner layers are with created with air-trapping fibers and provide a strong vapor barrier. Its design is built to prevent rotting and cracking, despite moisture, heat, or cold. It is available in widths from 4’ – 12’ and up to 200’ in length.
  • Polylite® Regular 8x8 Double Livestock Curtain —This livestock curtain is created with a double layer polyethylene and rope insulators. It is perfect for extremely cold temperatures, as its design will prevent frost build up. It is available in 4’ – 7’ widths.
  • Polylite® Super 3-Ply 10x10 Weave Livestock Curtain —This curtain is made from two layers of durable and flexible polyethylene, bonded over inner layers of tough, tightly woven polyethylene. It will allow for the passage of light without air leakage. It is designed for energy savings, shrink resistance, durability, and UV protection. It is available in widths of 4’ – 9’.

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Your livestock really is your most valuable asset and the heart of your operation. Let us help you protect that investment with livestock curtains from Southwestern Sales. Consider the benefits and the options, then check our website for these and other related products.

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Let us know in the comments the benefits you have seen from installing livestock curtains in your barns.