What is Biosecurity?

In the livestock industry, the term biosecurity is used to describe a whole range of procedures employed to keep animals and humans from diseases and other biological agents. To the average person, it’s what we do to keep our animals and ourselves safe from diseases and pests.

It’s the kind of protection that can be hard to see and initially, hard to quantify. But when E. coli finds its way into your nursery and kills 40% of your piglets, you can definitely start to quantify its impact in both death loss and dollars and cents.

Biosecurity can be as simple as wiping your boots on the doormat before you enter your home or as complicated as a shower-in shower-out facility at a hog grower farm. A farm employs biosecurity measures to protect their operation and those humans who interact on their farm.

Let’s discuss why biosecurity is important and some measures you can take to protect your operation, particularly the use of disposable clothing.

What are some basic biosecurity measures?

Depending on your farm you may employ different levels of biosecurity. Generally speaking, a beef herd that grazes in the pasture will require a lower level of biosecurity than a closed flock layer operation. And while a dairy farm will generally employ more biosecurity measures than a cattle ranch, it will often be less than a hog farm.

Here are a few protocol suggestions all livestock farms should employ:

  • Limiting access of nonessential traffic and people
  • Knowing who is on your farm at all times
  • Having a combined entrance and exit
  • Being careful who and where you buy livestock and feed
  • Use separate equipment for sick animals
  • Controlling rodents and pests

A farm may be required to employ additional protocols depending on government regulations or processor requirements or, a farm may simply choose more procedures to prevent disease outbreaks.

Here are a few additional measures many farms use:

  • Requiring livestock and feed haulers to clean and disinfect vehicles
  • Implementing strict quarantine procedures for sick animals
  • Providing disinfectant to all visitors and employees
  • Requiring showers when entering and exiting barns
  • Requiring disposable clothing and footwear prior to entry

Let’s spend some time discussing that last concept —disposable clothing.

Why use disposable clothing?

Many livestock operations have employees and visitors wear coveralls over their day-to-day clothing. This can help prevent the transfer of pathogens from one barn to another barn or even from one farm to another. Someone who visits several farms in the course of the day, like a veterinarian or a nutritionist, should have, at the very least a clean pair of coveralls for every stop.

However, is that really enough protection? Are those coveralls washed daily and if so, how are they washed? Anything short of a bleach wash can still harbor pathogens in the material. This is why disposable clothing may be something to consider on your operation.

When it comes to disposable clothing we recommend the limited wear clothing line from Sunrise Industries. Its overall quality and selection provide the best choice when it comes to your disposable clothing needs.

Why choose Sunrise Industries®?

Sunrise Industries prides itself in being America’s choice for limited wear protective apparel. They provide a wide range of products including coveralls, lab coats, smocks, shirts and pants. As well as accessories to keep your operation safe from cross contamination and disease transfer.

Their products come in several different materials to cater to your farm’s needs. Here are a few examples of the kind of products you can expect to see from Sunrise Industries.

  • DuPont™ Tyvek® pants and coveralls are made of unique polypropylene fibers. It combines toughness and strength to the garment while still being lightweight for the wearer. Its unique weave proves a barrier against dirt and other dry particulates.
  • Suntech™ coveralls, shirts, and pant are made from Sunrise Industries unique fabric innovation. It is a microporous film laminated to polypropylene material. This combination is meant to hold out blood and other wet particulates like manure. It provides a tough barrier of protection while still flexible and breathable.
  • Dupont™ Proshield® is the basic option when it comes to disposable clothing. The coveralls made from this material are soft and provide excellent breathability. They protect against non-hazardous particles and light liquid splash.

Purchasing Sunrise Industries Disposable Clothing

Disposable clothing is just one way that you can protect your farm from biosecurity risks. Protocols like this help keep your animals, your employees, and the public healthy. Failure to implement a proper level of biosecurity can lead to high disease incidence, potential regulatory issues and, in the end could have financial repercussions.

With that in mind, consider the use of Sunrise Industries disposable clothing line. You can purchase their products here on our website. Take a minute to check them out and then contact your local QC Supply representative for questions relating to the products.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments why biosecurity is important on your farm.