Delphi Board is a unique product that can be cut and drilled like plywood; it has the impact resistance of FRP and poly liner. It can be as moisture resistant as poly if you protect the metal edges. QC Supply has the equipment to make this product completely customizable. Contact our sales staff so they can help manufacture your custom-sized solution, and then share you unique uses with us!

Here Are The 17 Uses for Delphi Boards

1. Garage Wall Liner

Delphi board makes a great liner for your garage walls. Use in place of drywall, attaching it directly to the studs with self-tapping screwsor apply over drywall for a clean, robust, professional finish.

2. Livestock Chute Reinforcement

Several customers have used the board to reinforce livestock chutes. This creative use makes them easy to clean and provides a smooth animal finish.

3. Trailer Liner

         One key advantage to the Delphi Board is the ability to clean up easily. Durable and smooth, it shines up nicely with a pressure washer.

4. Plywood Alternative

Similar to plywood, Delphi Board may be cut with a circular saw, drilled with standard bits and is rigid and durable. Install the board with self-tapping screws or batten strips.

5. FRP Alternative

Often FRP is used for impact resistance. Delphi Board is tough stuff so it can be used in your high traffic areas.

6. Farm Shop Wall

         Apply Delphi Board to your shop wall for ease of cleaning, hanging shelves and other shop applications. Its steel skin will resist fire from sparks when you are welding or grinding metal.

7. Heavy Duty Sign Board

Delphi board is heavier and more rigid than its aluminum counterpart, which makes it a great material to apply vinyl to for indoor or outdoor signage.

8. Flatbed Trailer Side Wall

Need a sidewall for your flatbed? Build it from Delphi Board, cut to your specific height requirement. It’s rigid, durable and can be capped with aluminum trim to provide a very nice finish to your trailer.

9. Shipping Container

If you are shipping an item via LTL and need a strong container, look no further than Delphi Board. Its rigid qualities and the fact that it can be cut using common tools to your specifications, makes it a great alternative.

10. Creative Project

Kids have a school project? The sky’s the limit with Delphi Board. Use caution with the edges, however. Using a deburring tool will leave smoother edges.

11. Safety Barrier

Create safety barriers out of Delphi Board to keep crowds back or animals in!

12. Locker Room

Works great in a locker room or any damp or high humidity environment. Its durable finish will last for years. To keep your Delphi board looking great, use a small amount of silicone or caulking on the edges to keep moisture from rusting the edges.

13. Gymnasium

Use in the gym for a smooth surface or anywhere you need a quick cleanup.

14. Car Wash Liner

Get years of life out of Delphi Board when you use it in any application that is consistently soaked. To keep your Delphi board looking great, use a small amount of silicone or caulking on the edges to keep moisture from rusting the edges.

15. Office White Board

Create an economical white board for your office – line all the walls so you’ll have plenty of room to sketch out your thoughts!

16. Farrowing/Nursery Divider

The original use of the Delphi Board. We discovered that it holds up well to the daily abuse animals give it.

17. Camper/Trailer House Skirts

If you use it for skirts on your trailer, you won’t be replacing them again any time soon.  They’ll probably outlast the trailer.