When you are searching for products for your poultry farm, you need something that works as hard as you do. You need dependability and reliability. You need something that is “farm tough.” You don’t have time for tools that need replaced after a year, or equipment that doesn’t last more than a season. If this sounds like you, we recommend taking a look at Beesley International a top supplier of suspension hardware and poultry house specialty equipment.

Their goal has always been to provide dependable products and superior customer service. They supply their customers with products that run smoothly, last longer, and keep them returning generation after generation. They understand that on a poultry farm the suspension equipment is the backbone. If it doesn’t run smoothly, the entire poultry house is compromised. They strive to ensure their products keep you up and running 100% of the time.

If you are new to Beesley products or even a long time buyer, we invite you to check out the products they have available at QC Supply.

Who is Beesley International?

In 1955, Hank Beesley, the founder of Beesley International, began marketing and selling his innovative poultry house equipment. He was the kind of person who would see a problem and didn’t hesitate to fix or improve it. He personally introduced many innovations into the poultry industry that are now considered standard.

One of those products is the H5000 Overhead Winch. He introduced the winch in 1985 in order to handle the longer poultry houses that were starting to be in use. This one winch revolutionized the poultry industry. Even if you don’t own an overhead Beesley winch, chances are, the one you do own is based on the original design from Hank Beesley.

In 1999, the company went through a complete overhaul of their business. They changed their name to Beesley International, expanded their line, and improved nearly all of their existing products. They upgraded their steel products with galvanized coatings, increased the weight capacity on their winches, and began building more heavy-duty products to withstand the daily wear and tear of the industry. Their products are now designed to last longer and work harder than anything else on the market.

The product line is extensive; it doesn’t just include all the suspension equipment, you can also find all suspension accessories, tools, hardware, and even feeding equipment. When you are talking the basics—the pulleys and winches, you can find everything from your standard ceiling winch and bracket pulleys to Ellison Winch Slides and Motorized Drinking Winches. They have the variety to meet your needs and the customer service to ensure their products are in it for the long haul.

If you are not yet convinced, check out these products they have to offer.

Check out Their Products

Here is a sampling of some Beesley products we carry at QC Supply.


  • Beesley International 3500lb. Ceiling Winch: This tried and true design is best used for feed lines and nest lines. It is built to withstand the harsh environment of a poultry house. It has a solid, one piece cast housing with self-lubricating bushing.
  • Beesley International 2000lb. Worm Gear Split Reel Winch: This line of worm gear winches provides exceptional reliability. This 2000 model is perfectly suited for drinker lines and can be used for heater suspension. The worm gear winches from Beesley are made with true, machined worm gears. They are precisely machined angled on the worm and drive gears to eliminate binding.


  • Beesley International 3 ½ Vertical Bracket Pulley: This bracket pulley is used for vent and tunnel machines, livestock curtains, and thru-wall installations. It is a vertical, self-lubricating, fiberglass reinforced nylon pulley in a galvanized bracket. It is heavy duty and is rated for up to 770 lbs.
  • Beesley International 3 ½ Pulley with Straps: This pulley is used for livestock curtains, water systems, winching feeder systems and ventilation systems. It is built with the same Beesley quality as the rest of their products. It is a fiberglass-reinforced pulley anchored with galvanized straps. It is rated to 770 lbs capacity.

Shop Beesley International

For more than 50 years Beesley International has proven their reliability and durability. They have withstood the test of time and will continue to work hard for your operation, year after year.

Check out the Beesley International products we carry at QC Supply on our website. You will find an array of winches, pulleys, and accessories. We are happy to help you in your search, so don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our representatives.

In the meantime—let us know in the comments how you like your Beesley International products.