Stay Ahead of the Storm!

Lacrosse Weather Station


When the weather outside is stirring…make sure you and your family are safe.  Bad weather can creep up on us quickly and sometimes without warning!  Be prepared with the La Crosse Technology® Wireless Forecast Station.


New at QC Supply, this weather station has multiple forecasting functions with three weather icons and a weather tendency indicator. Records min/max temperature and min/max humidity. Barometric tendency indicated with an arrow and barometric pressure recorded with a 24-hour history graph.    





  • Transmission Range: 330 Ft
  • LCD Contrast Setting, 0 to 7 levels
  • Battery Life: 24 Months
  • Swiss Sensor
  • IN Temp Range: 14.2°F to 139.8°F (-9.9°C to +59.9°C)
  • Indoor/Outdoor relative humidity: 1%-99% RH
  • OUT Temp Range: -39.8°F to +139.8°F (-39.9°C to +59.9°C)