Icenator Green De-Icer.    Made with Corn Grown by American Farmers.

Icenator Green, de-icer is the answer to keeping your driveways and parking lots clear of ice and snow. Icenator Green can be applied before or after the snow falls and 1 gallon will cover 500 to 1,000 square ft. The freezing point of Icenator Green is minus -85° F. and it has been tested by the national Association of Corrosion Engineers and has met the standards as a non-corrosive application.


Icenator Green uses:

  • Anti-Icing when applied before the storm.
  • De-Icing to break the bond at the road surface.
  • Pre-Wetting to increase the effectiveness of abrassives.


Icenator Green can be applied with mounted or hand sprayer systems and is a non-chloride and non-acetate containig co-product of the grain industry. All natural, organic and biodegradable. Available in 5 gallon bucket or 55 gallong drum.