Heater season has arrived!

Let’s face it, winter has settled in and it’s time to get the heaters fired up. Whether you’re working on the farm or a confinement, our Gasolec Infrared Heaters work in any environment. A common problem with heating most barns or other animal confinement buildings is that many are poorly insulated and most forced air heating systems are just plain inefficient.

The solution – Gasolec Infrared Heating Systems.


QC Supply offers a full product line of Gasolec heaters.

People with pets, breeders, farms, aviaries, kennels, veterinarians, dog houses and herpetariums need warming, incubating, heat therapy, brooding, etc. For animal care in the rural pig farm farrowing, poultry farms, veterinary trauma center, etc., our Gasolec infrared heaters heat objects, not air, so the animal would be kept warmer even in a relatively cold room. The advantages of the M-Series heater make it a clear choice for the animal confinement industry.



Unlike other forms of heating which use significant amounts of energy to heat the air in an entire building, infrared reradiates, or concentrates the heat directly and efficiently to the animals and the floor. The benefit is a lower fuel cost without sacrificing animal comfort. The cone of infrared allows for the animal to find its own comfort zone within the heating pattern projected by the infrared heater.

Gasolec’s popular M-Series heaters have earned a proven position in today’s hot spot heating market.

  • Stainless Steel
  • No moving parts
  • Safe and Environmental
  • Liquid propane (LP) or natural gas (NG)
  • Low Maintenance


Purchasing the type of heater that will serve your needs is easy at QC Supply. We offer several versions of the Gasolec Infrared Heating Systems from small to big: M2, M3, M5 and M8. Our smallest has a maximum capacity of 1 kW/hour, while the biggest has a maximum capacity of 5kW/hour. This makes the system suitable for every market need. The M-Series heaters come standard with a stainless steel mesh filter. A heavy-duty fabric filter is available for extreme conditions/environments. It ‘filters’ the air better and reduces the amount of cleaning work for the consumer.


Browse our selection of Gasolec M-Type Heaters at QC Supply, and take advantage of our Holiday Sale!


guest blogger:  Kara Allbaugh