Dress In Layers with QC Supply and SAVE 10%!

When I was a kid, my mom would always dress us in layers. We’d be sent outside with Long Johns, flannel shirts, dickies (if you remember those fake turtle necks), sweaters, snow suits, mittens, thick wool socks, snowboots, stocking caps and the ever popular, insulated, water repellent parka coats with a drawstring hood and the fake animal fur around the hood opening. I’m sure we may have looked a little like the kid on A Christmas Story.


That was years ago and you know what? Mom was right.


Dress In Layers, has become the universal battle cry to fight the cold and QC Supply has answered that call with their new Heat and Moisture Management System. When you dress in layers you generally have three different layers on your body and each layer has its own purpose. There is the base layer, middle layer and outer shell layer. Adding Layers or Peeling Them Off is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with QC's new system. Unique clothing items have been designed to fit into each of these layer categories and are being offered through QC Supply.


  1. 1. The Base Layer is the first layer and closest to your body. Its purpose is to help keep you warm, but more importantly to keep you dry. This clothing layer should be designed to wick moisture away from your body. The breathable, polyester Sweatbuster Tee is ideal for this layer and will eliminate the heaviest sweat, keeping you cool and dry.
  2. 2. The Middle Layer is designed to insulate your body. This clothing layer should keep warm air in close to your body, yet allow it to circulate so you don’t get too warm during levels of high activity. Of the three different layers, this one will vary the most depending on the persons activity level, combined with their level of fitness. Wind, sunlight and outside temperature will also factor into how much insulation the person will need in the middle layer. The Better Than Flannel Shirt or the Better Than Fleece Pullover by FIVE ROCK® are perfect for this middle layer. If the mercury really takes a dip, you can add them both to your layering strategy for extra warmth and comfort.
  3. 3. The Outer Layer or Shell is designed as a water repellent and windbreaker. This layer's job is to keep you dry and to shield your body against penetrating winds. This shell should be breathable, to help get rid of any moisture you generate through sweat yet tough enough to keep out the elements. The FirstChoice, nylon oxford jacket from FIVE ROCK® is the answer to your outer layer. This waterproof, breathable, ultra tough jacket will shield you from the rain, muck and wind.


So whether you are working hard or enjoying the great outdoors. Raking the leaves or hiking on the trails. Don’t let the cold spoil your day. When you take advantage of QC Supply's Heat and Moisture Management System, you can still get out there and do the things you want to do, even when the temperature really takes a dip. Remember to wick moisture away, insulate and protect.


Your mom would be proud of you.