Chemilizer HN55 Promo Special

QC Supply and Chemilizer have teamed up to offer you a choice of 2 great promotions throughout the month of May.  


  1. 1. $25 Instant Rebate on each Chemilizer HN55 injector purchased or
  2. 2. Free replacement pump (#120811), 1:128 only, for each 1:128 Chemilizer unit (#120177) purchased.

For the rebate, enter coupon code CH25. For the free pump, enter coupon code CHPUMP (be sure to have the pump in your shopping cart). Offer valid through May 31, 2011.


Chemilizer HN55 Promo Special


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The Chemilizer HN55 is a proportional liquid injector used in chemical/water injection applications.  The Chemilizer HN55 runs off of water flow, and works with system flows from as low as 1 gallon per hour to 780 gallons per hour (13 gallons per minute). The HN55 will work with gravity via a water drop of as little as 5 feet (1.5 meters).

The HN55 is used to inject disinfectants, sanitizers, fertilizers, micronutrients, biologicals, fungicides, algaecides, animal health supplements and medications, soaps and surfactants and many other chemicals and solutions.