Keep Your Entry Way Organized with the new Boot Tray from QC Supply


Winter is right around the corner.  It’s time to get out the snow blower, snow shovel and snow boots.  It’s also time for snowmen, snow angels and sleigh rides.  The big question is “What do we do with our wet, snowy and sometimes muddy boots when we come back indoors?


QC Supply has the answer.  The stylish, heavy-duty Boot Tray is the perfect place to put your wet or dirty boots.   It has a sleek design with raised ridges in the center to keep your boots from sitting in the water and dirt.  It also has an outer rim to keep the melting snow contained within the tray and not on your floor.   This rim also makes it very easy to pick up and move for cleaning.  Just hose it down and it’s good as new.  It's large, 17” x 27” size is big enough to accommodate several pairs of boots at one time and it will keep the floor of your entry way clean and organized. 


The Boot Tray can also be used for a variety of other purposes.  It makes a great place to keep your pet bowls so water and pet food stays contained.  You can place it outside your back door as a place to put your work boots all year round.  Place it  under your car to prevent stains on your garage floor or use it in the greenhouse to help keep your garden tools organized.