Better Than Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts were traditionally worn by outdoor workmen such as construction workers and lumberjacks and are usually made of a traditional dyed brawny flannel cloth. They are both rugged and heavyweight which is why they have remained the shirt of choice for cold weather outdoor activities. Nowadays they are part of everyday fashion.


The Better Than Flannel Shirt by FIVE ROCK® is everything you’ve come to love about your flannel shirts and more. The soft, care-free, 100% acrylic material will keep you dry and comfortable without the shrinkage and wrinkles flannel offers. The breathable material allows excess heat and moisture to escape so that you can work or play without interruption.


For work or a casual evening on the town, The Better Than Flannel is a great looking shirt and will quickly become the shirt you choose when you’re heading outdoors to work or play.


Available in Hunter Plaid and Baltic Blue