Insects can be a headache to livestock and producers alike. Stress and overall health can affect animal productivity, and even cause death. These pests spread disease and parasitic worms, cause loss of blood and anemia, reduce weight gains, reduce milk or egg production, cause physical damage to the animals or animal products, and decrease animal resistance to other diseases.

Unlike humans, livestock are generally located where pests can antagonize them. Therefore, a pest management plan is critical for your facility. The most important thing to remember to achieve effective fly control is to know which flies you are dealing with.

Not all flies are made equal, and one of the most important things to know is which fly, or flies, you are dealing with. Failure to select the most effective treatments is likely to lead to poor fly control, wasted money and wasted effort.

Poultry Insects/Pests:   Swine Insects/Pests:   

Cattle Insects/Pests:   

Lice Flies  Horn Fly 
Mites  Hog Lice  Face Fly 
Chiggers Mange Mites  Heel Fly (Cattle Grub) 
Fowl Ticks    Mosquitoes 
Bed Bugs    Ticks 
Flies    Cattle Scabies 

Insects can cause injury to animals, as well as humans, in several ways. They can transmit diseases like West Nile and Lyme Disease to humans.

Injury to livestock and pets occurs in the following ways:

  • Bite Skin, Fur or Feathers
  • Suck Blood
  • Invade Body Tissues
  • Annoy or Irritate
  • Transmit Disease

Know Key Pests:

There’s no alternative for knowing the enemies your livestock face. Certain insects’ problems are predictable for each livestock species in your area. These insects are called “key pests.” Learning about their life cycles, identifying characteristics, injury symptoms, and management is the foundation to eliminating them. This knowledge will also allow you to recognize unusual situations which require further attention.

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