Demand for food worldwide is expected to double and to meet that demand, producers are adopting new technologies which will enable them to increase production at a reduced cost with less stress on the environment. Most of these production technologies focus on enhancing traditional inputs such as water, air, nutrients, and housing. One largely unexplored production input is light.

Growers need to make wise business decisions at all times, and choosing the correct light source will pay dividends in energy savings and enhanced performance. The future for poultry house lighting will continue to shift in the direction of LED bulbs due to energy efficiency.

Key items to consider when looking at LED lighting:

  1. Energy Savings Key to Profitability
    • Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED lighting could deliver an energy savings of $2000 per barn. (Based on 800 light bulbs in barn)
    • According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), a $1B (billion) annual energy savings opportunity exists in the agricultural sector in North America, primarily in the Midwest.
  2. LED’s in Poultry Farms
    • Can lower luminaire cost.
    • Efficient in cold weather with no change in performance
    • Can be designed to focus the light onto desired areas
    • Easier to dim than CFL bulbs
    • Very long lifespan – 50,000 – 60,000 hours
    • Results are in the Numbers
  3. Nationwide, there are more than 2500 egg layer facilities, with six of the top ten egg producers located in the Midwest. 
    • On average, each layer operation utilizes 800 incandescent lights per facility.
    • Replacing these lights with LEDs would yield a savings of 800 lights or 28,032 kWh per operation.
    • With 42% of the layer operations in Iowa, Ohio, and Indiana, that accounts for a 70M (million) kWh savings in these three states alone.

Choosing the Best LED Bulb for Your Chicken House

Selecting the right LED light bulb can be difficult once the decision to retrofit or build has been made. There are three classes of LED bulbs currently available: 

1. Poultry-specific LED lights (Overdrive Brand)—Although the most expensive, poultry-specific LED lights are engineered for poultry vision, and their manufacturers understand the needs of the poultry industry. These lights are typically rated to withstand cleaning and disinfection procedures in a chicken house.

2. General LED lights rated for agricultural use—General agriculture-grade LED lights usually withstand the environmental conditions of a poultry house. While these lights are less expensive, understanding their full details (including light output, spectrum, warranty and level of waterproofness) is important before installation.

3. Standard household LED lights—Standard household LED lights have also been used in poultry houses with many of the same issues as the agricultural LED lights. These lights are typically not rated for use at 16 hours per day, leading to higher levels of premature dimming or burn out due to inadequate heat sinks or circuitry.

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