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Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Stunner Only

Blitz-Kerner , 35-300
QC Supply Part #: 140759
Shipping: Standard
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This stunner has fewer parts so it's easier to maintain.

Please Note:
  • Due to restrictions this item can not be shipped internationally.


Due to international restrictions we are unable ship this product internationally.

The Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Stunner is an affordable and safe solution for humanely euthanizing animals.

This German-made instrument uses powerful 9mm centerfire blank cartridges to deliver a dependable, effective and high-velocity penetration. A simple design and fewer internal parts mean this is a highly efficient, affordable and easy-to-maintain product.

Centerfire cartridges hold higher pressures than rimfire cartridges, making them more powerful and efficient. It is a heavy-duty device that withstands rugged farm conditions.


  • Chrome steel finish
  • Knurled handle for better grip
  • Fewer parts than competitive brands
  • Bolt penetrates 2.25"
  • Dimensions: 1.5" W x 13" L
  • Weight: 5 lbs.

Note: #140759 is for the Stunner ONLY. For full kit, see #140760 (sold separately).

If you have any questions, please call us 800.433.6340 to consult with one of our euthanizing experts.

Brand Blitz-Kerner
Manufacturer Part Number 35-300
Animal Cattle, Swine, Sheep & Goat





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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Has brush

    Review by on Oct 26, 2014

    Also, if you don't care about having a custom case, just buy the unit alone and get the cleaner separately from this site. The unit alone does come with the barrel brushes and all I saved about $80 this way.

  • 5 Stars

    So glad I got this

    Review by on Oct 26, 2014

    I'm writing this review to hopefully help someone that was in my position before I bought this. I recently began raising organic grassfed goats for personal consumption. I have never shot or slaughtered an animal before, other than fishing. My goats are kept in a very suburban setting, so firing a gun is not possible and I've never done that either. And because mine is a very small operation, I really don't have $1000 plus for one of the other brands, especially for only four goats a year.

    Well, after almost two years of preparation, yesterday I slaughtered my first two goat kids. It went just as expected. This thing is easy to use and quiet. I have read every scrap of paper that came with this thing (btw, the users manual that comes with it is in German, but the English pdfs are on this site. There is a bit of a problem trying to match the German diagram with the English translation, but I figured it out. )

    Anyway, if you read all the stuff it seems pretty intimidating, but there really is only like six pieces to this thing. It's very simple to use and take apart and clean. But do read all the safety stuff, it's a very dangerous tool if you aren't careful. I bought the red cartridges because I heard that goats have harder skulls than other animals like sheep. They worked fine.

    One other point. people online say that goats have to be stunned In a different part of the skull than sheep because their skulls are harder. I asked the rep about this. It took him a little time to get back to me, but he was able to locate a university published article that explains where to place this thing on the skull of the goat to get the same results. That's the way I did it and it worked very well for me. I am very appreciative of his help. Good luck.

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