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Deer Cane® Black Magic® InstaLick

, 64006
QC Supply Part #: 510375
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Pour over logs and stumps to instantly attract deer.

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Deer Cane Black Magic® InstaLick is a sticky, sweet mineral-filled gel with the unmistakable aroma and attracting power of the original Black Magic® Mix (#510017). InstaLick is a combination of both deer treat and beneficial deer minerals. Bucks will paw, knaw, lick and consume everything you coat.

Contents: 40 fl. oz. Bottle

For Instant Results:

  • Spread on Rotten Log or Stump: Spread a thick layer over a decaying log or stump, allowing it to soak into the wood, making the whole thing a treat for your deer.
  • Create a Lick on Bare Soil: Spread the entire bottle over a 3-foot site, creating a sweet sticky beneficial mineral lick. Works great in all soil types.
  • Mix with Corn or Feed: To leverage the attracting power, mix with up to 100 pounds of corn.
Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 64006

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