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Bite Free™ Stable Fly Trap

, 3005363
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This insecticide-free trap is economical and easy to use. Holds more than 8,000 flies.


Scientifically proven to effectively attract and trap stable flies, the Bite Free™ Stable Fly Traps from Starbar® are economical and easy to use. When sunlight shines through the trap, flies are drawn to the shimmering, translucent surface.


  • Disposable — when full, just throw away
  • Weatherproof — the special adhesive won't melt or wash away
  • Compact Size — offers a 360° trapping surface that can hold more than 8,000 flies
  • Ideal for use around stables, cattle ranches, poultry operations, kennels, restaurants, homes and gardens
  • Insecticide-free, odor-free

Instructions For Use: Remove trap from box by the black end caps. Do not touch the clear mid-section-it is covered with sticky adhesive. Place trap in direct sunlight preferably 10 feet away from structures. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Placement Tips:

  • Position between livestock and resting/breeding areas
  • For best results, place in a line up to 4' off the ground— one trap every 20'
  • Place in direct sunlight
  • Reusable — just rinse off dirt or debris

Contents: 1 Fly Trap

Please Note: Keep Out of Reach of Children & Pets.

Brand Starbar
Manufacturer Part Number 3005363
Animal Cattle, Swine, Horse, Sheep & Goat
Insect Fly

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