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Big Push Scraper With Black Poly Blade Curved Handle

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Big Push Scraper - 24" Black Poly Blade Curved Handle 340901
Big Push Scraper - 30" Black Poly Blade Curved Handle 340902
Big Push Scraper - 36" Black Poly Blade Curved Handle 340903

This scraper has numerous uses including snow removal and commercial/factory cleaning.

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Use the Big Push Scraper to clean livestock floors, remove snow, or clean commercial/factory areas. It has a comfort-fit curved 63" handle and 1/4" thick poly blade for extra strength and longer life. The poly blade reduces overall weight and offers an easy-to-clean, non-stick surface.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • #340901: 24" W x 63" H
  • #340902: 30" W x 63" H
  • #340903: 36" W x 63" H
Brand J&D Manufacturing

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