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Bickmore's® Gall Salve

Weaver Leather , 50-6020-5
QC Supply Part #: 51111
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A great multi-purpose horse salve that will not rub or sweat off.

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Bickmore's® Gall Salve is a multi-purpose topical antiseptic ointment that features a unique combination of emollients, astringents and antiseptics. The astringents protect and close surfaces while emollients soften, sooth, and lubricate damaged skin surfaces.


  • Aids in the healing of surface wounds, sores, galls, and saddle sores
  • Eliminates the itching and irritation of eczema, and ringworm
  • Effective against bacterial and fungal infections
  • Will not rub or sweat off.

Contents: 5 oz. tin

Always Read & Follow Label Directions.

Brand Weaver Leather
Manufacturer Part Number 50-6020-5
Animal Horse

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