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ASI Pit Hammer™ - 5 Gal Regular Strength

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Reduce pit crusting, odor emissions, odor causing compounds. The addition of citronella oil helps treat against insect infestation.

This 5 gallon container of ASI Pit Hammer™ is the regular strength version of ASI Pit Hammer™ Plus (340365). This unique blend of naturally occurring bacteria and essential oils combined for the degradation of organic solids, odor control and effective insect management.

Each gallon of ASI Pit Hammer™ contains millions of safe, non-pathogenic bacteria that digest and liquidify solids and reduce odor emissions, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Citronella oil has been added to shield treated areas against insect infestation.


  • Millions of bacterial colonies per gallon in biological strength
  • Citronella additive for fly and insect control
  • Packaged in a 5 gallon container
  • Made in the USA

Why Use ASI Pit Hammer™?

  • Less sludge build-up in pits and lagoons
  • Improves the biological health for better anaerobic lagoon function
  • Reduces pit crusting
  • Helps lower ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
  • Reduces odor causing compounds
  • Reduces odor emissions
  • Easier and more efficient pump-outs

Directions For Use:

  • Shake well before using!
  • For Shallow Pit Buildings:
    • Gestation/Farrowing: 1/4 gal per 250 sows per pit per week
    • Nursery or Finishing: 1 gal per 1,000 pigs per pit per week
  • For Deep Pit Buildings
    • 1 gal treats 20,000 gallons of pit waste
  • For initial application of ASI Pit Hammer™, double the dosage for 2-3 months
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