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Antler King® Apple Burst Deer Block

Antler King , 20ABDB
QC Supply Part #: 511806
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Attract deer and provide them with critical nutrients for proper nutrition.

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Each 20 lb Antler King® Apple Burst Deer Block is an intense apple flavored mineral block designed to grow bigger bucks and healthier deer. This mineral fortified block offers the nutrients necessary to help bucks and does reach their genetic potential. It will not only attract deer to your property, but it will provide them with critical nutrients necessary for proper nutrition.


  • Huge 20 lb. mineral block
  • Loaded with antler and body building minerals and nutrients
  • Contains apple scented and flavored attractants to attract more deer
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Contains Vitamins A and D
  • Place on the ground near deer trails, in front of game cameras or by feeding stations to attract deer
  • Apple Burst Mineral Block is endorsed by Whitetail Freaks
  • Designed to attract deer. Check your local game laws for baiting regulations before using
Brand Antler King
Manufacturer Part Number 20ABDB

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