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Annihilator™ Polyzone® (Pint) - Bayer

Bayer , 048578
QC Supply Part #: 541618
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Use to treat premises or buildings indoors or outdoors. Weather-resistant.


Annihilator™ Polyzone® is a premise spray used for broad-spectrum control of crawling, flying and wood-infesting pests indoors and outdoors around cattle and horse facilities as well as other places listed on the label. Exclusive formulation technology protects the active ingredient from weather, wash-off and mechanical abrasion. Provides outdoor residual control for up to 90 days. Mix with water and apply with hand-pressurized or power-operated sprayers.

Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin — 4.75%


  • Maximum treatment area at 0.06% treatment rate is 10,666 sq ft
  • Maximum treatment area at 0.03% treatment rate is 21,333 sq ft
  • Maximum treatment area at 0.01% treatment rate is 64,000 sq ft

Indoor Pests:

Indoor applications to buildings and structures may only be made as a spot treatment, crack and crevice applications or void (spray, mist, foam) injections. This includes factories, warehouses, food processing facilities (non food/feed areas), and modes of transportation. See label for complete list.

Indoor Pests Treated Include — Ants, Bed Bugs, Blue/Green Bottle Flies, Boxelder Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Clothes Moths, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Dermestids, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Firebrats, Fleas, Flesh Flies, Flies, Fruit Flies, Gnats, Hide Beetles, Hornets, House Flies, Leather Beetles, Midges, Millipedes, Moths, Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles, Pantry Pests, Beetles & Moths, Phorid Flies, Pillibugs, Sciarid Flies (fungus gnats), Scorpions, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders, Ticks, Wasps and Yellow Jackets.

Outdoor Pests:

Use this product to control outdoor pests by application as a perimeter treatment, residual spray or broadcast application to exterior surfaces of buildings, grounds and ornamental plantings.

Outdoor Pests Treated Include — Ants, Blue/Green Bottle Flies, Boxelder Bugs, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Carpenter Ants, Centipedes, Cockroaches, Cluster Flies, Clover Mites, Crickets, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Fire Ants, Firebrats, Fleas, Flesh Flies, Flies, Gnats, Ground Beetles, Hornets, House Flies, Midges, Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Moths, Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beetles, Pill Bugs, Scorpions, Silverfish, Sow Bugs, Spiders, Springtails, Stable Flies, Ticks, Wasps and Yellow Jackets.

Contents: 1 Pint

Brand Bayer
Manufacturer Part Number 048578
Insect Ant, Fly, Mosquito, Roach

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Customer Reviews

  • 4 Stars

    First bottle seemed to work great

    Review by on Sep 18, 2016

    So I ordered more..
    Pretty simple..

  • 1 Stars

    not working

    Review by on Jul 5, 2016

    purchased this product in May and have used it just under 2 months. I do not find it effective at all I hate to say. I've sprayed it directly on flies and it doesn't kill them. Obviously then there is no residual either. Feel duped, paid $60 + for this stuff.

  • 1 Stars

    not working

    Review by on Aug 12, 2015

    i bought this product and it is not working. I have bugs worse now than what I did and I done step by step on directions. I thought this stuff was suppose to work immediately but it didn't. I pay 68.00 on this stuff you would think it killed on spot

  • 4 Stars

    Can't give you a good answer yet.

    Review by on Jul 5, 2014

    We just received the product and have just sprayer the first application, so don't know how long it is going to last. So far so good, but we were attracted by the 90 day prevention. That we won't know for a while. We have a dairy and crop farm so need good control. Let you know in 3 months.

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