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Air Chute

QC Supply Part #: 10647
Shipping: Standard
Price From: $20.49 - $122.99

Custom-made air chutes are available for any size fan.

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Measure diameter of the cone. Choose that size and add it to the cart.
If that size is not available, call to order or choose the closest option and leave a comment
at the last step of checkout in customer comments with the actual size needed.


Close off the backdraft of your fans when not in use with our custom-made Air Chutes.


  • Can be ordered to fit any size fan
  • Made of a durable vinyl material that resists tears
  • Reinforced edging around chute entrance protects material from premature wear
  • Nylon cord on end of chute allows for proper airflow adjustment
  • Wind tunnel test shows up to 10% increase in the CFM performance of the fan
  • Wind tunnel test shows increase in CFM/Watt by a full point
  • Fits on wall or cone fans
  • Can be used on secondary fans to keep the cold out when not running
  • Used to completely seal off fans during winter months — will keep cold air from entering building
  • Allows static pressure to be achieved with fewer fans
  • A center draw string is provided for a cone effect and to prevent too much movement when the fan is on — the cord can also be used to completely close fan when not in use
Animal Cattle, Swine, Poultry & Gamebird

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