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Aerotech® AeroSpeed 1.1

Aerotech , ST5110
QC Supply Part #: 10860
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Control the operation of ventilation and heating equipment with an AeroSpeed 1.1 controller. An AeroSpeed 1.6 is pictured.


The Aerotech® AeroSpeed 1.1 is used for environmental control in livestock buildings. It allows you to maintain a specified target temperature by controlling the operation of ventilation and heating equipment. One stage of variable speed cooling fans can be connected to the controller, as well as one stage of either constant-speed fans or heating units. The last cooling stage can be configured as a mist cooling stage.

Features of the ST 5110:

  • Three Digit Display
      Provides a high level of accuracy, allowing you to specify a temperature to within 1/10 of a degree (in Fahrenheit or Celsius units)
  • Pilot Lights
      Indicate the state of outputs allow you to monitor the operation of the system without having to enter the building
  • Minimum Ventilation Cycle
      When ventilation is not required for cooling, the first stage fans can be operated either continuously or intermittently to reduce the level of humidity and supply oxygen to the room
  • Temperature & Minimum Ventilation Speed Curves
      Can be set to automatically change the temperature set point and minimum ventilation speed over a given period of time in accordance with your requirements by specifying a temperature curve and a minimum ventilation speed curve with up to 6 different points each
  • Choice of 5 Motor Curves
      The variation in motor speed resulting in a change in voltage will depend on the make and capacity of the motor. In order to achieve a high degree of compatibility between controller and motor, you can choose from among 5 different motor curves, to ensure the correct voltage is supplied
  • Full Speed Fan Start-Up
      To overcome the inertia of the ventilation system components and de-ice the fan blades in cold weather conditions, the controller supplies maximum voltage to the variable speed fans for 2 sec immediately following each start-up
  • 4 Independent Temperature Probe Inputs
      Up to 4 temperature probes can be connected to obtain a more accurate reading of the average room temperature and a faster reaction time
  • Overload and Overvoltage Protection
      Fuses are installed at the input and outputs to protect its circuitry in the case of an overload or overvoltage
  • Computer Control
      Can be connected to a computer, making it possible to centralize the management of information and diversify control strategies

Several Models To Choose From. Features of All Models:

  • Fully adjustable temperature and ventilation curves
  • Variable speed outputs have optional timer option
  • Minimum, maximum temperature recordings
  • 12' sensor included
  • 120/240 volt
  • 10 amp maximum fan load

1.1 Technical Specifications:

  • Supply:
      115/230 VAC (-18%-+8%), 60 Hz, L1 same phases as Stage 1, overload and overvoltage protection fuse F11-1A fast blow
      12 VDC for AC back-up supply; can activate stage 2 and alarm if supplied with DC back-up voltage
  • Stage 1:
      Variable output, 60 Hz, 10A fan (3/4 HP/115 VAC)/(1.5 HP/230 VAC), fuse F1-15A slow blow
  • Stage 2:
      On/Off output, 115/230 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 VDC, 6A Fan, 10A Res, fuse F2-15A slow blow
  • Alarm:
      On/Off output, 115/230 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 VDC, 3A, fuse F8-3A slow blow
  • Probes:
      Low voltage (<5V), isolated from the supply. Operating range: -40° F to 120° F. Accuracy: 1.8° F between 41° F and 95° F
  • Enclosure:
      ABS, moisture and dust-tight
  • The room temperature where the controller is located MUST ALWAYS REMAIN between 32° F and 104° F

Factory Settings:

ParameterFactory SettingRange of Values
Temperature Set Point 75° F -40° F to 99.9° F
Stage 1 Minimum Speed 40% 10%-100%
Time On 15 sec 0-900 seconds by
increments of 15 sec
Time Off 0 sec
Bandwidth 3° F 0.5° F - 20° F
Stage 2 Starting Temp 80° F 0.5° F - 20° F
from bandwidth
Mist Time On 1 min 0-60 min by
increments of 1 min
Time Off 0 min
Heater Off Temperature 74.5° F -20° - 10° F from
set point
Alarm Low Temperature 65° F 0.5° F - 40° F from
set point
High Temperature 87° F

These initial parameter settings will not be retained in the controller's memory. Each new setting will replace the preceding one.
If the power supply is cut off, the last parameter settings will be retained in the memory until the power is restored.

ModelQC Part #Mfg Part #Variable Speed OutputsThermal ContactsCooling (only) ContactSensors (max)PC LoopRamping TimerAlarm Contacts
AeroSpeed 1.1 10860 ST5110 1 1 9 4 Yes No Yes
AeroSpeed 1.2 10861 ST5120 1 2 1 4 Yes No Yes
AeroSpeed 1.3 10862 ST511 1 2 4 4 Yes No Yes
AeroSpeed 1.6 10863 ST5124 1 2 - 4 Yes No Yes
AeroSpeed 2.2 10865 ST5220 2 2 2 4 Yes No Yes
AeroSpeed 2.4 10866 ST5222 2 2 2 5 Yes Yes Yes
Brand Aerotech
Manufacturer Part Number ST5110



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