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8" Diameter Auger

SpeeCo , PD241055
QC Supply Part #: 370132-8
Shipping: Standard
Availability: In stock

This auger has a shock-reduction spring and fits all 7/8" diameter powerhead output shafts.

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SpeeCo's® 8" Diameter Auger with shock-reduction spring fits all 7/8" diameter powerhead output shafts.


  • Replaceable screwpoint and cutting edge
  • Heat-treated alloy steel gearbox shaft eliminates shaft breakage
  • Large fixed shoulders support the upper eyelet bolt, preventing breakage
  • Larger cold-formed eyelets maintain spring steel characteristics and eliminate breakage
  • Bottom eyelet wraps around the fixed shoulder eliminating a bolt
  • Auger tube connection has three welds and a large supporting collar


  • #370132-4 — 4"
  • #370132-6 — 6"
  • #370132-8 — 8"
Brand SpeeCo
Manufacturer Part Number PD241055

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