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7 Card Stud™ Food Plot Seed - 10 lb Bag

, 73027
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Plant a food buffet deer simply cannot resist. Seven seed varieties for full season forage.


7 Card Stud™ is the most diverse and adaptive food plot available today. This incredible blend of forage variety plants covers your early, mid and late season needs to attract and hold deer on your property. The triticale, oats, winter peas, clover, chicory, turnip and radishes provide a blend your deer simply cannot resist.

Contents: Forage Oats, Forage Triticale, Winter Peas, Crimson Clover, Forage Turnip, Forage Chicory, Daikon Radish

  • Oats & Triticale: Combining the 2 best grain forage plants, producing tons of high quality deer forage. The Forage Oats & Triticale were developed to rebound back and grow quickly under heavy browse. They produce a high protein, more digestible, and longer growing forage plant than other grain crops. Selected for their ability to adapt to a wide range of soil types, you will find these plants easy to grow and deer really love them
  • Winter Peas: Often referred to as the ultimate cool season forage treat for deer. These forage peas grow rapidly and unlike other cool season forages, they are sweet as soon as they pop out of the ground. Winter Peas are very cold tolerant, making them a perfect forage for fall and winter food plots
  • Daikon Radish: A high yielding member of the Brassica family. This forage radish has protein levels up to 20% and can handle heavy grazing pressure, creating more lush green foliage as they are consumed by deer. Deer will devour the leafy green tops as well as the entire radish and roots which can grow as long as 24". Forage radishes also help improve soil conditions by aerating the soil and adding organic matter as they decompose
  • Forage Turnip: This high yielding brassica can deliver some of the highest levels of protein & mineral content of the annual forages on the market today, providing up to 38% protein. This forage turnip has been adapted to an extremely wide range of soils & weather conditions and will provide abundant large-leaf & root forage into the winter month. Average mature plant height is 24" tall
  • Chicory: Forage Chicory is an excellent forage plant that provides up to 30% protein and a burst of valuable minerals. Chicory plants have a long taproot that allows the plant to be extremely drought resistant. They are a true perennial that will survive for many years unattended. Average mature plant height is approximately 15"
  • Clover: Forage clovers are a highly sought after food for wildlife. The clover selected for this blend is no exception. This clover grows tall and erect and can handle tough growing conditions. Deer will forage on the protein packed leaves to get the nutrients they need to thrive

Planting Instructions: Moisture, soil preparation and planting depth are crucial to the success of your food plot.

  1. Cultivate plot 4"-6" deep
  2. Add 80 lbs 13-13-13 fertilizer per 1/4 acre and add lime as needed
  3. Broadcast seed (10 lbs per 1/4 acre) and cover with no more than 3/16" of soil

Coverage: This 10 lb bag will cover 1/4 acre; approximately 11,000 sq ft; 35 yds

Contents: 10lb bag

Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 73027

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