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Freezgard (Davis)

Davis , 220-58
QC Supply Part #: 541961
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For use on chapped, scraped, cracked, bruised or irritated teats and udders. Non-sticky cream base formulation for easy application, washing and cleaning.

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Freezgard is for use on chapped, scraped, cracked, bruised or irritated teats and udders. For over 30 years, farm animal owners and veterinary suppliers have used this year round teat and udder protection.

A proven cold weather aid against frost bite and wind chill. In addition, it also protects animal tissue from dryness and sun exposure by softening and soothing the skin tissue. When used all year round it improves the condition and health of the livestock's tissue by acting as an invisible barrier to skin irritants.

The transparent non-sticky formulation was specifically designed for easy application, washing and cleaning of chapped, scraped, cracked, bruised and irritated teats and udders.

  • Appropriate for use on exposed tissues during cold, freezing, warm low humidity and wet weather conditions
  • The stable formulation contains aloe vera, PABA, lanolin and other non-toxic humectants and softening agents that help maintain a natural moisture balance of the tissue
  • It can be used in all climate zones with the product's texture remaining constant, firm and spreadable
  • This pleasant smelling, cosmetic quality formulation is available in a five pound plastic bucket

Contents: 5 lbs.

Always Read & Follow Label Directions.

Brand Davis
Manufacturer Part Number 220-58
Animal Cattle

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    works great on people too

    Review by on Feb 25, 2014

    We use it for our own dry skin. It's wonderful! Rubs in easily.

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