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Soweena® Litter Life™ (Merrick's)

Merrick's , 10850515
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Soweena Litter Life is the ideal replacement or supplement to sows' milk for up to 7 days.


Soweena® Litter Life™ is the ideal replacement for sow's milk. This pig milk replacer combines proteins with animal plasma and animal fat. Formulated with De-Odorase™, a urease inhibitor. Litter Life™ is university and commercially tested to ensure proven results and assist producers in weaning more pigs per litter.


  • Specially formulated with animal plasma
  • Contains a Urease Inhibitor: Helps to reduce odor and ammonia emissions
  • Evens the Litter: The smallest pigs have an available milk source, even in a large litter
  • Reduces Mortality: Pigs feed often to overcome low energy reserves
  • Faster Gains: Every pound of gain achieved in early life is magnified as pigs get older
  • Palatability: Pigs like the taste and readily consume Litter Life™
  • Earlier Weaning: Bigger, healthier pigs can be weaned earlier
  • Superior Feed Efficiency: Expect one pound of gain for every pound consumed
  • Warm Water Mixing: Processed to mix and stay in solution
  • Stays Fresh/Won't Sour: Unique processing of milk proteins provides greater stability between feeding

Mixing & Feeding Instructions:

  • Litter Life™ should be mixed by adding one level 4 oz scoop to 1 qt of water or 16 oz per gallon of water. Scoop in bag holds approximately 4 oz.
  • For Best Results:
    1. Provide Litter Life™ as a supplement to sow's milk for the first 7 days. Mixed Litter Life™ should be made available to pigs at all times.
    2. Feeding equipment must be washed and fresh product provided at least once a day.
    3. Pigs should be weaned by weight and age, not age alone. Segregate and wean the stronger, healthier pigs first while leaving the smaller, weaker pigs on the sow, supplemented with Litter Life™, until they can be competitive at the feeders.
  • Feeding Orphans, Weaklings & Extra Pigs From Large Litters:
    1. Place pigs in a clean, dry, warm (90° F-95° F) pen out of hearing distance from the sow.
    2. Feed pigs Litter Life™ about 4 hrs after removal from sow. At this time, they will be hungry and will readily drink from open containers when product is offered.
    3. Provide Litter Life™ as a replacement to sow's milk for the first 7 days and follow good management.

Contents: 10 lb. bag

Always Read & Follow Label Directions.

Brand Merrick's
Manufacturer Part Number 10850515
Animal Swine

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    Review by on Jan 23, 2017

    The product was fine. However the delivery was horrible. I paid for 3-4 day shipping and i did not receive my products for over two weeks. When i called customer service to track the shipment they nor the Post Office could tell me where the product sat. The only thing they could tell me is the day that it was shipped out. I also had to continuously call customer service to see where the food was, they were literally of no help.

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