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Mistral® - 55 lbs.

Mistral , 038062
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100% non-toxic, mineral absorbent for the farm. Great for the swine and dairy industries, as well as poultry barns.


Reduce levels of moisture in housing and bedding for healthier and safer animal environments with Mistral®. This high-quality, mineral-based absorbent reduces the unpredictability of changing environmental conditions to support a stable environment by reducing the number of pathogens the animal is exposed to. Low moisture limits bacteria and mold, which inhibits the production of the enzymes necessary for the transformation of urea into ammonia.

Swine Industry:

  • Used at all stages from farrow to finish. When used on piglets immediately after birth, the piglets dry faster and stay warmer, resulting in quicker access to colostrum and higher weaning weights. Other benefits include superior ammonia odor reduction, faster navel fall-off, healthier vulva and uterus in sow, reduced foot problems, and better footing in housing and during transport.

Poultry Industry:

  • Use in in bedding to provide a healthier environment due to the reduction of ammonia odor in the facility. In addition, ammonia burn is reduced on breasts and feet by lowering the heating temperature and acidity of the manure pack in the bedding.

Dairy Industry:

  • Serves as a positive management tool in the reduction of somatic cell counts, increase in disease resistance for young stock, reduction in ammonia odor and improvement in foot health.

Mistral® is unique in its ability to permanently absorb urea before ammonia gas is produced. It is also able to absorb any ammonia gas that may be present. It incorporates ingredients that are gentle on animals and staff and safe for the environment. It can be sprinkled by hand onto all housing surfaces as it contains no caustic ingredients. 100% non-toxic and can be blown into housing framework while animals are present.

Used on feeding equipment to absorb moisture and pathogens after power spraying, or whenever moisture absorption is necessary.Other benefits include the addition of an essential oil, which is a proven insect repellent. Reduced insect levels lead to improved sanitation in all housing, as well as reducing the spread of disease.

Contents: 55 lbs.

Note: This item does not qualify for free freight with the purchase of $200 or more in pharmaceutical products. F.O.B. Schuyler, Nebraska.

Always Read & Follow Label Directions.

Brand Mistral
Manufacturer Part Number 038062
Animal Cattle, Swine, Poultry & Gamebird

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