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Weed Raker® Aquatic Rake

Jenlis , 15145AT4
QC Supply Part #: 510891
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Remove aquatic vegetation from lakes and ponds.


The Weed Raker® will help you remove aquatic vegetation from lakes and ponds. It's ideal for removing organic matter and roots at the bottom of your lake to prevent weed regrowth. The Weed Raker® is uniquely designed to be very effective at removing lake weeds and debris floating on the surface of the water or pulling and digging the stems and roots of submerged aquatic vegetation.

The Weed Raker® has a snap-together four-section handle, giving you up to 11' of reach. It features a 37" head and 8" high strength composite tines. Weighing less than 7 lbs., the Weed Raker® is also designed to be tossed into the water with a simple underhand motion and retrieved via 34' of nylon rope.

With the Weed Raker® You Can:

  • Keep your lake bottom weed free and harvest your cut weeds
  • Keep your beach front free of weeds and debris
  • Remove decaying organic matter from your lake and pond bottom
  • Clean your beach, root up weeds and remove muck
  • Pull weeds in from 45 feet away
  • Weigh the hollow rake head down with rock to dig deep in the bottom
  • Collect large mats of floating debris with the super sized rake head

How to Assemble: Take the 3-piece rake tines and slip them into the 37" rake head. After the raker head construction is complete, secure the individual poles with the snap locks at the end of each pole. Attach the raker head to the pole with the provided hardware and then attach the rope at the open end of the pole before beginning use in deep water.

Brand Jenlis
Manufacturer Part Number 15145AT4

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Quality Product

    Review by on Mar 5, 2013

    Assembled the rack today and it went together easily. I was impressed with the quality of the construction. Tried it out around my dock and it was efficient at raking up the leaves and other material that had dropped to the bottom this past fall and winter.. Also uprooted many weeds. I have decided to also get the Weed Razor and think between them I will be able to keep my dock area clear of weeds all season.

  • 5 Stars

    great product

    Review by on May 29, 2012

    This product works exactly as advertised. The rake is a little expensinve, but well worth the money. I would strongly recomend this to a friend.

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