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Buck'ola® Sweet Deer Feed

, 12004
QC Supply Part #: 510140
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Once deer find it they can't get enough of it.

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Buck'ola® high-fat and high-protein feed attracts, supplements and energizes your herd. Sweet and full of fat and sugar energy sources, it is recommended for ground, trough and automatic feeders. Pour it straight out of the bag onto the ground or into a feeder.

The sweet sugars of molasses and roasted seeds are blended together with vital rack building minerals that will entice and hold deer on your property. This high protein feed is sweet and full of fat and sugars to provide the energy and nutrition bucks are looking for in the fall months

Contents: 20 lb. bag

How To Use:

  • Ground Feeding to Attract and Supplement Deer: Buck'ola® is easy to use. Pour out 5 pounds in an area you would like to use for feeding. Then, as consumption increases, begin to pour out more. You can mix Buck'ola with corn or other feeds used for ground feeding to increase your feed's attraction and nutritional value.
  • Trough and Gravity Feeders: Use in your trough and gravity feeders as your primary feed (1 pound per head per day). Also, mix Buck'ola® with corn or other feed in your feeder to increase consumption and nutritional value (10 pounds per 250 pounds of feed).
  • Automatic Feeders: Mix with corn or other feeds in your deer feeder to make it the center of attraction and nutrition. Mix 10 pounds o Buck'ola® with up to 250 pounds of grain to increase the consumption and nutritional value of your feed.
Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 12004

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