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Stump Likker® Liquid Deer Attractant

, 30901
QC Supply Part #: 510021
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Reacts with moisture to release vapors of minerals mixed with the sweet aroma of molasses.

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Stump Likker® is a combination of molasses and minerals that can be poured over stumps and logs to create a nutrient-packed mineral site deer find irresitible. Deer will paw, knaw and lick the stump clean. This powerful, habit-forming formula is beneficial all year.

Contents: 96 oz. (1 gal) jug

Stump Likker® Directions:

  1. Remove debris and rotting vegetation from around the decaying stump. (If possible, use on hardwood rather than softwood stumps)
  2. Pour the liquid minerals over the stump, soaking all of the rotting wood
  3. Reapply as soon as all of the penetrated wood has been eaten
Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 30901

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