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MegaPlot™ Wild Game Forage - 20 lbs

, 72003
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Attract deer with forage oats, turnips, triticale and clover.

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MegaPlot™ Wild Game Forage is a forage grain base mix with Triticale Forage Grain (a hybrid forage), which is better than wheat or oats. It has the best forage turnips and clovers for your foot plot. Plant in the spring or fall in most areas.

By combining the most advanced forages, MegaPlot™ creates an annual food plot unequaled by other grain-based wild game mixes. This hybrid forage grain-based mix, a better alternative to wheat and oats, provides a palatable high protein forage that continues to produce throughout the season.

Contents/Coverage: This 20 lb. bag will plant a 1/2 acre; 22,000 sq. ft.

Forage Oats and Triticale: The two best grain forage plants. They produce tons of high quality deer forage. Both of these forage plants were developed for food plots to be eaten and grow back quickly. They produce a high-protein, longer-growing forage plant that's more digestible than other grain crops. Selected for their ability to adapt to a wide range of soil types, you will find these plants easy to grow.

Forage Turnips: The best-yielding forage turnip brassica delivers the highest levels of protein and mineral content of any annual forage available on the market today, providing up to 38% protein. This forage turnip has been adapted to an extremely wide range of soils and weather conditions and will provide abundant large-leaf and root forage into the winter months. Average mature plant height is 24 inches tall.

Forage Turnip Clovers: The best of the fast growing forage clovers have been selected to give your herd a reliable source of nutrition. These annual clovers grow more quickly than other clovers and have the potential to grow well over 24" in height, providing your deer herd with tons of palatable forage. These forage clovers consistent high level of protein (up to 35%) and their mineral content make it a forage that deer both need and prefer.

Brand Evolved Harvest
Manufacturer Part Number 72003

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