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Buck'n Oats™ Food Plot Seed

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Deer love this oat food plot with chicory.

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Buck'n Oats™ is a forage oats food plot mix with the bonus of high-protein and faster-growing Chicory. Buck'n Oats™ is cold- and drought-resistant to provide longer lasting forage. Plant in spring or fall in most areas to attract and supplement your deer herd's nutrition.


  • Forage Oats: Sweeter and more tender than plain oats, Forage Oats produce forage deer love for the whole season. These highly palatable forage oats are higher in protein and more digestible than other forage grains. Forage Oats are more cold- and drought-resistant so the forage is available during normal stress periods for wildlife. These oats are easy to establish. Deer begin eating them just days after planting and continue eating them throughout the fall/winter season. Also provides additional forage in the spring in northern climates.
  • Forage Chicory: Select fast-growing, cold-tolerant chicory plants. Chicory plants are packed with protein and minerals that deer search for to supply the energy they need during stressful seasons. The chicory varieties selected for Buck'n Oats™ are faster-growing and winter-hardy to endure through stressful climates.


  1. Cultivate plot 4-6 inches deep
  2. Add 75 pounds 13-13-13 fertilizer per 1/4 acre and add lime as needed
  3. Broadcast seed (9.5 lbs per 1/4 acre) and cover with no more than 1/4" of soil

Soil Preparation: We recommend breaking the ground and cultivating the soil 4”- 6” deep. Remove all competing weeds and then add fertilizer and lime as recommended. It is important to level and lightly pack the soil before seeding your plot. You can lightly pack the soil by running over your food plot with an ATV or a roller.

    a. Fertilizer Requirements: A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your plot's need for fertilizer and lime. If a soil test cannot be done, we recommend preparing the seed bed by applying up to 75 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer or equivalent per 1/4 acre. We also recommend fertilizing when the plants are 6” tall with 10 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate or equivalent per 1/4 acre to increase the protein and forage available as Buck’n Oats Bonus Mix begins to be heavily grazed by your deer herd. Do not fertilize during a drought. 
    b. pH of Soil and Liming: The recommended soil pH is 6.0-7.5. A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your soil pH and the need for lime and fertilizer. If a soil test cannot be done, we recommend preparing the seed bed by applying up to 500 pounds of lime per 1/4 acre. Soil pH is extremely important since the pH of the soil helps determine if the plants can metabolize the fertilizer in the soil.

Planting Depth: Plant 3/16” deep by mechanical drill or by broadcasting the seed evenly over the seed bed, dragging the plot to cover the seed.

Available Sizes: 9.5 lb. bag or 20 lb. bag

Brand Evolved Harvest

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