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ProVide® Forage Clover & Chicory

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ProVide Forage Clover with Chicory food plot seed creates perennial forage for deer.

ProVide® Forage Clover with Chicory was developed to provide a top-quality, year-round food plot consisting of a mixture of forage clover and forage chicory that are a favorite of deer. The forage clovers in this feed plot seed are favorites of both deer and turkeys. The forage chicory delivers a high level of year-round beneficial minerals and protein in a palatable, disgestible plant form.

It can be planted throughtout hte spring, late summer, and fall in most areas of the U.S.

Forage Clover: Forage clovers are the most highly researched crops for wildlife. ProVide® clovers yield up to 35% protein. Deer will forage on these high-protein leaves to get the nutrients they need. We have selected the best annual clovers and perennial ladino type clovers based on the following criteria: highest protein, highest TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients), highest drought resistance, best reseeding qualities and superior palatability. The clover seeds are coated and inoculated to ensure that these premier clover plants fix nitrogen that the plants will use.

Forage Chicory: Forage chicory is an excellent forage plant that provides 30% protein and a burst of valuable minerals. Chicory plants have a long taproot that allows the plant to be extremely drought resistant. They are a true perennial that will survive for many years unattended. The average mature plant height is approximately 15 inches.

Soil Preparation: Cultivate the soil 4" - 6" deep to remove competing weeds, and add fertilizer and lime as recommended. After cultivating, it is important to level and pack the soil before seeding the plot. Lightly pack the soil by running over your food plot with an ATV or a roller.

    a. Fertilizer Requirements: A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your plot’s need for fertilizer and lime. If a soil test cannot be done, it's recommended to prepare the seed bed by applying up to 300 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer or equivalent per acre.

    b. pH of Soil & Liming: The recommended soil pH is 6.5 - 7.5. A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your soil pH and the need for lime and fertilizer. If a soil test cannot be done, prepare the seed bed by applying up to 2,000 pounds. of lime per acre or use 2 gallons of Gain per acre.

Planting Depth: ProVide® Clover contains small seeds that normally do not need to be completely covered. We recommend broadcasting the seed and then rolling the seed into the seed bed by running over your food plot with an ATV or a roller. Never cover the seeds with more than 3/16" of dirt.

Moisture: Soil moisture is vital to the plants being able to establish themselves. The soil should be moist when planting, with a reasonable expectation of future rainfall. If adequate moisture is not available for an extended period after planting, the plot may fail to establish properly.

Frost Seeding: This is an excellent method of Spring planting in the northern areas of the United States. When frost seeding, follow normal seed coverage recommendations.

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