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ShotPlot® Annual Forage Attractant

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This deer food plot will grow quickly - more than 24 inches in about 45 days.

Among the most nutritious and palatable annual forage for deer, Evolved Habitat's ShotPlot® is a mixture of premium forage brassicas. Forage will grow quickly, more than 24 inches in about 45 days! ShotPlot® makes that trophy deer attainable by providing deer with the protein they are looking for in the fall (up to 38% protein). The sugary leaves of the mature plants are irresistible to deer. This deer food plot can be planted both in spring and fall; 10 lbs. of ShotPlot® will plant 2 acres!

Planting Times: The forage brassicas in ShotPlot are cool season annual forage plants that can be planted in both the spring and fall.

Planting Instructions: Moisture, soil preparation and plant depth are crucial to the sucess of your foot plot.

  • Cultivate plot 4-6 inches deep
  • Add 300 pounds 13-13-13 fertilizer per acre and add lime as needed
  • Broadcast and roll in seed at the rate of 5 pounds per acre

Soil Preparation: Cultivate the soil 4" - 6" deep, remove competing weeds and add fertilizer and lime as recommended. After cultivating, it is important to level and pack the soil before seeding the plot. Lightly pack the soil by running over your food plot with an ATV or a roller.

  • Fertilizer Requirements: A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your plot's need for fertilizer and lime. If a soil test cannot be done, we recommend preparing the seed bed by applying up to 300 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer or equivalent per acre.
  • pH of Soil & Liming: The recommended soil pH is 6.0 - 7.5. A soil test should be performed prior to planting to determine your soil pH and the need for lime and fertilizer. If a soil test cannot be done, we recommend preparing the seed bed by applying up to 2,000 pounds. of lime per acre or use 2 gallons of gain per acre.

Planting Depth: ShotPlot® contains small seeds that normally do not need to be completely covered. It is recommend to broadcast the seed and then roll the seed into the seed bed by running over your food plot with an ATV or a roller.

Moisture: Soil moisture is vital to the plants being able to establish themselves. The soil should be moist when planting, with a reasonable expectation of future rainfall. If adequate moisture is not available for an extended period after planting, the plot may fail to establish properly.


  • New Plots: The forage brassicas in ShotPlot® are extremely hardy seeds that will try to root even in poor soil conditions. However, if the ground is not properly broken, the plot may only produce the stand and mature growth may not exceed 18".
  • Rainfall, fertilizer and the correct pH will be the determining factors when ShotPlot is planted without proper tilling. If planting ShotPlot® in an area where the soil cannot be properly prepared, we recommend seeding at 5 pounds per acre, twice the normal rate of seed.

Over Seeding: We recommend using ShotPlot® to over-seed existing clover or other low-growing perennial food plots. When over-seeding, the coverage of ShotPlot® is doubled to 5 pounds per acre.

Frost Seeding: This is an excellent method of spring planting in the northern areas of the United States. When frost seeding, follow normal seed coverage recommendations.

Coverage: 5 lbs. plants 1 acre; 43,560 sq ft or 48 yards by 100 yards (approximately 1 football field)

Making Your Food Plot as Drought Resistant as Possible: The deeper you disk the soil before rainfall, the more moisture the ground will store for the growing season, and the more drought tolerant the food plot will be. Disking the soil before it is time to plant will also cause dormant weed seed to sprout, which will allow you to disk the weeds under or spray them with weed killer before planting. Either way, you will reduce weed competition for the valuable water and nutrients that your forage plants need.

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