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DuraProd™ Rechargeable Battery Kit with Battery & Charger

QC Supply Part #: 50467
Shipping: Standard
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Rechargeable Battery Kit comes with battery and chargers for the Hot Shot DuraProd unit.

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This four-piece Hot Shot® DuraProd™ Rechargeable Battery Kit includes a rechargeable battery pack, a 110V adapter, a 12V adapter, and a charger base. Use it to charge your Hot Shot® Rechargeable Battery Pack from both a 110V wall outlet or a 12V automotive battery.

The LED lamp indicates proper charging. Safety timer stops charging when battery charge is complete.


  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 110V Adapter
  • 12V Adapter
  • Charger Base
Brand Hot Shot
Manufacturer Part Number DXRKIT
Animal Cattle, Swine

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