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AC Red Snap'r® Electric Fence Controller

QC Supply Part #: 50275
Shipping: Standard
Price From: $109.95 - $153.99

These low impedance, AC-Operated Zareba Electric Fence Controllers are a great option where you have a reliable source of 110 or 220 volt electrical power.


Controlling animals, keeping livestock, sheep, goats, pigs and other farm animals in while keeping out predatory animals is simple with the AC Red Snap'r® Electric Fence Controller. Both the 10 Mile and 50 Mile controllers work in heavy weed conditions to control animals, keeping your farm and ranch animals in a particular area while keeping predators out.

They will power all types of fences including high tensile, polywire and polytape. Includes a rugged, weather-resistant case. This AC-powered charger maintains maximum energy on the fence and delivers safe, effective high voltage shocks with digital timing. Both have a fuseless design, digital timing, an indicator light to show the controller is working

10 Mile Features:

  • Has built-in cord restraint and easy hook-up terminals for a secure connection
  • UL listed. Canadian approved.
  • 10 mile range
  • 115 volt, 60 cycle; pulsed output (1-second intervals)
  • 0.5 joule output
  • Comes with a 1-yr warranty that includes damage caused by lightning

50 Mile Features:

  • 50 mile range
  • For control of all types of animals including horses, cows, pigs, goats, bulls and exotic animals
  • Helps keep out rabbits, skunks, woodchucks and raccoons
  • Maintains high energy on the fence
  • Delivers safe, effective high voltage shocks to deter animals
  • UL listed
  • Use with 10 to 18 gauge wire
  • 2 joule output at 75 ohms
  • 115 volt, 60 cycle pulsed output (1 second intervals)
  • Comes with a 2-yr warranty that includes damage caused by lightning. 3 year warranty when registered on-line with proof of purchase
Brand Zareba
Animal Cattle, Swine, Horse, Sheep & Goat



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