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"Shorty" Snare

QC Supply Part #: 50039
Shipping: Standard
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The hog catcher's handle has a golf-type rubber grip.

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The 18" Shorty Snare has loose cable at both ends.


  • Galvanized 3/16" aircraft cable
  • Golf-type rubber grip handle
  • Heavy-duty plated steel construction
Manufacturer Part Number 2KO7000
Animal Swine

Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars

    Great product

    Review by on Apr 2, 2016

    This product is great to have around the barn. Easy to use and economical.

  • 4 Stars

    Good snare!

    Review by on Feb 26, 2016

    We used this snare to retrain our small pigs to remove the awful ear tags they were given for out of state import that never healed and were horribly infected. Our pigs are a small heritage breed, so the size of this snare was perfect!

  • 5 Stars

    Works great

    Review by on Dec 31, 2015

    Got this for my husband so he can snare and vaccinate pigs by himself if he has to. It works great.

  • 5 Stars

    Works great!

    Review by on Dec 21, 2014

    This product gets the job done!

  • 5 Stars


    Review by on Apr 17, 2013

    Works Good

  • 4 Stars

    Does the job

    Review by on Jul 6, 2009

    We use this product in the nursery to obtain blood samples. It works great to restrain smaller pigs. Highly recommended for nursery use.

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