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48" Tree Pro Protector

Tree Pro
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Easily protect trees and encourage growth with a 48" Tree Pro Protector. They can be easily coupled together to protect almost any size of tree or plant.

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Protect trees, grapevines, evergreens, blueberry plants and even tomato plants with Tree Pro Protectors. Heat retention can be an issue with other types of tree protectors, but Tree Pro protectors eliminate that problem by allowing tree planters to open the protector up in the fall to allow trees to go dormant.

Because it can be expanded to larger diameters, there is almost no limit to the size of tree or plant it can protect. Because the protectors can be easily removed, they can be reused — a significant cost advantage over tubes and because they can be opened up, it's easier to access the tree (e.g., removal of weeds, pruning, etc.).

For this same reason, you don't have to worry about your tree becoming overheated during heat spells. Simply open the protector to allow fresh air to circulate around the tree. They come vented to enable circulation of fresh air while at the same time preserving most of the moisture around the tree. It does take longer to install Tree Pros than other tube-type shelters, but you will save time later when you need to access the tree.

Made of recycled polyethylene with a diameter of about 3 5/8". The diameter can be easily expanded by coupling two or more Tree Pro Protectors together, making it ideal for protecting evergreens, tomato plants, strawberry plants, etc.

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