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Con-Korite Xtra - 55 lb. Kit

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Concrete preparation is required to properly bond product to the surface. Call our product specialists at 1-888-433-5275 for details.

Con-Korite Xtra provides a fast-setting, extra abrasion resistant, high strength and non-shrink mortar. It can be used for floor overlays, vertical and horizontal repair without forms, for grouting and building edges. When mixed with KB25 Acrylic Resin, resistance to absorption by corrosive compounds and enhanced bounding properties are added to the repair.

This Kit Includes

  • [1] 55 lb. Bag of Con-Korite X'Tra
  • [1] Gallon of KB25 Acrylic Resin
  • [1] Pouch of Set Control

Con-Korite X'tra
This high-strength mortar is formulated for wear and abrasion resistance. The no-shrink formula can be used as an interior/exterior patching material or for leveling concrete surfaces. It can also be used for floor overlays and grouting.

KB25 Acrylic Resin
Improves adhesion, flexural strength, and resistance to moisture, chemicals and freeze-thaw cycles when added to Con-Korite X'Tra.

Set Control
Use VSC Set Control in warm weather or for applications where extended setting times are needed. The working time will be extended approximately 20 minutes.

    Con-Korite X'tra Features

    • Fast setting - ready for use within 30-60 min at 70° F
    • Water, salt and sulfate tolerant  - withstands tough conditions
    • Exceptional abrasion resistance - stands up to heavy traffic
    • Interior/exterior use - tolerates all weather conditions
    • No-shrink - minimized risk of delamination improves bond
    • High strength - 3-5 times stronger than other products
    • Rapid strength gain - develops 3,000 PSI in one hour and 9,000 PSI in 28 days
    • Vertical/horizontal use - use for floors and walls (no forms needed)
    • Resists freeze-thaw damage
    • Easy to use


    • Patch or overlay eroded concrete surfaces
    • Rebuild broken concrete curbs, beams and slats
    • Use as precision grouting under columns, machine base plates, anchor bolts and gating
    • Smooth porous walls
    • Ideal for all applications where quick, high strength is required
    • Agricultural: Feed Bunks/Mangers, Concrete Slats, Floors/Walls, Gutters/Troughs, Walkways/Curbs, Parlor Floors
    • Industrial/Commercial: Plant Floors, Wastewater Treatment, Roadways and Runways, Walkways, Concrete Tanks, Columns/Walls
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